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Martial Arts Training, Wing Chun Kung Fu & Kali JKD Beginners welcome.

``The Reading Academy Wing Chun & Kali`` 1992 by the international Wing Chun Kung Fu Master Loukas Kastrounis in Berks.
Opening at 07:00
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Street fighting or ring rules fighting are two different things . Soon the practitioner's will understand that better chance to survive/ win they have in the street's.
Non of any fancy moves will work... Speed, awareness, simplicity and directness is a must on street fighting.
Loukas Kastrou...

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Kung fu Wing Chun seminar on Berkshire

Mar 9, 2024 – Mar 10, 2024

Wing chun seminar:
Host by Master Loukas Kastrounis.
On applications/ form’s / techniques of the first and the Second Wing Chun form’s “Siu Nim Tao- Chum Kiu”
Saturday 9th March
From 11am untill 6pm
For beginners & Advanced practioners
£90 per person
Sunday 10th March from 11am until 5pm
Only ad...

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Kali Eskrima Arnis JKD Martial arts seminar

Mar 5, 2024 – Mar 5, 2024

Master Loukas Kastrounis
Holds a unique Seminar
Based on armed & unarmed combat skills .
Students will experiment with single stick , double sticks and dagger.
Disarming, strikes , co- ordination drills.
New/begginers and advanced practitioners welcome.
Limited places


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Martial Arts training seminar

Mar 9, 2024 – Mar 10, 2024

Master Loukas Kastrounis hods a unique Wing Chun seminar at Reading Academy Wing Chun-Kali Eskrima training school in Berkshire.
The seminar its for New/novice practitioners and advance students.
Based on : The physical & mentally benefits of the amazing Wing chun system.
Students cam experime...

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March 2024 Martial Arts events

Mar 5, 2024 – Mar 10, 2024

Kali Eskrima Arnis Seminar 5th March
Single & double sticks
Based on awareness and natural coordination

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th March
Wing chun seminar
For beginners & advance
Reservation start now
Please reserve your place
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"The difference between skills & Arts :
Wing chun Kung fu - Kali Eskrima Arnis JKD are not  arts  but skills "
Art emphasizes originality and the creation of something new or unique, often pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms. Skill, on the other hand, can be developed through ...

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Enroll your self now . Limited places. Offer new members.
Registration has started for new students at the Asian Martial Arts-Reading Academy wing chun - Kali-Eskrima JKD in Berkshire
Please apply on line at


Starting soon .
Begginers Martial arts training courses on Kali Eskrima Arnis stick - knife training classes & on Wing chun based closed combat training skills. Apply on line for an appointment for a free trial lesson at our website or alternatively phone/ WhatsApp at 07957401306
It's suitable fo...

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7 months ago
Reading Academy is a truly great place to learn Wing Chun and Kali. A true, direct lineage from the early masters. There is a welcoming and fun athmosphere, but at the same time a serious school that will develop you as a fighter and a person, both mentally and physically.
- Daniel J
7 months ago
I recommend anyone who as interest in learning the true art of Wing Chun pass down from Ip Man, Wong Shun-Leung, do not delay contact Master Loukas Kastrounis is a descendant of Ip Man through teacher Wong Shun-Leung, and Kali Eskrima instructor through Dan Inosanto. I've known Master Loukas for 30 years a true master of Wing Chun, philosopher, and Author of Wing Chun- in depth. Master Loukas comes with unlimited knowledge and experience to share to his students by one 2 one or group learning, improving your focus, balance, flow of movement, technical, and skills in the Art of Wing Chun. "Great master comes with great mind, spirit, and responsibility" Master Loukas Kastrounis embraces these values.
- Utter D
7 months ago
My teenage son has been going here for over a year now after several years of MMA training. A very refreshing change, excellent training and he is treated with respect as a younger member.
- Philip A

Loukas Kastrounis - Wong Shun Leung Way

Check out our main  efficient website & apply for an appointment for a free trial lesson .  

 Applicants for Wing Chun or Kali Eskrima must be over 16 years old & onwards  Looking to start something new to improve your personal skills, your confidence & fitness . For more information 
Men -woman any age welcome .  Loukas Kastrounis is the founder of Reading Academy Wing Chun Kuen & Kali Eskrima /JKD school in Berkshire since 1992.
 Wing Chun is a system of Kung Fu & it  is a very unique and scientific form of martial arts.It`s originates from Shaolin Temple in China,The system  later refined in Hong Kong by the late Ip Man -Wong Shun Leung . Loukas Taught Wing Chun, From Nino Bernardo-Wong Shun Leung (The foremost teacher of Bruce Lee) & Kali Eskrima JKD by Nino Bernardo -Dan Inosanto -Bruce Lee instructor 

To view Loukas Kastrounis Wing Chun and/or Kali Eskrima video clips during his teaching of Seminars & group tuition .
Visit our youTube channel at :

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